Tex Resorts is a venture of Tex Group of companies who are into granite exports, coffee plantations, manufacturing of tea and coffee powder etc.The Head office is situated in Mangalore, a beautiful city located on the west coast of India on the bed of the Arabian Sea lying equidistant between Goa and Calicut. Mangalore is known as the "Rome of the East".

TEX WOODS is situated in a 250 acres coffee plantation adjacent to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary at Muthodi. As you enter the coffee plantations the huge Silver Oaks and the towering Bamboos bowing in the wind, whisper a Sweet Welcome. The whisper of the breeze as it cuts through the trees gives you a feeling of Tranquil Bliss with unpolluted air filling your lungs, you will wonder and say "This truly is God's dream come true".

As you drive through the Silver Oaks sheltering the coffee plants you feel a cool breeze hitting your face and hear the sound of a stream flowing down mingling with the chirping of birds. This gives you a feeling of "PARADISE ON EARTH".

  At the top, hidden from the eye you get a pass which opens up to the other side of the forest. You are welcomed by a Green Carpet of lush green coffee plants.. the coffee beans changing colours according to the season, the silver oaks reaching out to the sky with vines of pepper clinging to them in a loving embrace.

Driving through the coffee plantations, a mood of tranquil anticipation sets in. On arrival at Tex Woods, you are ready for a serious dose of pampering, and you get it. The Romantic hospitality is enhanced by the red brick house, you could savour a freshly brewed cup of aromatic coffee, made from perfectly roasted beans.
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