Trekking : TEX WOODS is a trekker's paradise surrounded by lush green forests, hills and passes. This unique activity lets you savour the natural beauty of the woods.

Mountain Climbing: For those with extra energy could try their feet at mountain climbing and explore caves and spend a day out picnicking on the mountain tops.

Echo Tourism : We take you on a guided tour of the Coffee Plantation and Spice Village and impart indepth knowledge of growing coffee and spices.
Swimming : Experience the thrill of Blue Waters which will relax your Mind and Body.

Fishing : For avid fishing enthusiasts a day at the fishing pond will be well spent with a prize catch.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary : The Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary popularly known as the Muthodi Wild Life Sanctuary is adjacent to TEX WOODS. This sanctuary is thickly wooded with rich flora and fauna.

Trees more than 300 years old give shelter to birds, monkey, squirrels and bees forming a canopy to the wild animals.. the tiger, elephant, deer ,bison, fox and the wild flow.. reminding you of the movie BORN FREE...

  The still of the night shares the sounds of the flowing stream, the cool breeze and an occasional owl hooting. Suddenly these get drowned with the barking of a deer, the roar of a tiger, the bleat of the mountain goat, the grunt of the wild boar.. as a bonus you may hear the trumpet of the elephant when the herd moves to new pastures.

Shooting in the resort and wild life sanctuary is allowed only with a Canon ! (Camera)
  Trips to the Hills : Kemmangundi Hill Station is one of the beautiful hill stations in Karnataka which is 30 Kms from TEX WOODS.  It is known for it's breath taking scenic beauty. At a distance of 8 Kms. are the Hebbe Falls which cascade down into the valley. On the way to Dharmasthala there are beautiful Charmadi Hills which form a wonderful valley. Babu Budan Giri Peak is another trekking location near Kemmangundi.  
  Pilgrimage Tours: At a distance of 60 Kms. from TEX WOODS (on the way from Bangalore to Chikmagalur) are the exquisite temples of Belur & Halebid. The Belur Temple is a marvel of timeless dedication and generation of artistic maestros working over a single monument. The temple facade is replete with delightful sculpture and artistic friezes. The Halebid ornate twin Shiva Temple with common platform and two Garbhagrihas in Halebid has been aknowledged as one of the finest Hoysala Temples in India. The hioghly ornate temple doorways take you inside a world of intricate carvings, delightful sculptures and exquisite craftsmanship.

Other piligrimage places nearby TEX WOODS are Shringeri Temple, Dharmasthala Temple, Udupi and Kollur temples.
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